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Book a free Skype lesson

Skype me at synerga1 or call me at 0030 22990 46482 and book a 100% free skype lesson to see for yourself that an  English class online is nothing short of a uniquely amazing educational experience!

  • If you wish, I will show you step-by-step how we make the most of every lesson using a range of skype tools such as, video-calling, interacting in the dialogue box, sharing our screens, and sending each other files, print-outs, and class material.
  • I will also train you in looking up information online and researching reference sites. This is particularly important for students who want the most out of their study time.
  • If your goal is to get the best preparation and successfully pass a prestigious exam such as the CPE, FCE, ECPE, ECCE, TOEIC, IELTS, I will carefully explain everything you need to know about the exam and present the materials we use. After your enrollment in the course of your choice I will email you a placement test* to accurately assess your current level. This way we can match you exactly to the course you need.
  • This lesson is free and you are not obliged to book any lessons once you have taken it. The goal is to help you see what an English online lesson on Skype is all about!

* the placement test will only be administered to students who have completed payment of the first month/term of the course. For those who wish to be assessed without enrolling in a course, there is a charge of 40 euros.


Εάν θέλετε να κατανοήσετε πως το ζωντανό ιδιαίτερο  μάθημα αγγλικών μέσω skype είναι πλέον η καλύτερη λύση για κάποιον που χρειάζεται την υψηλότερη ποιότητα εκπαίδευσης αγγλικών,  μπορείτε να με καλέσετε στο 22990 46482 ή να συνδεθείτε στο Synerga1 μέσω SKYPE. 

Θα κανονίσουμε ένα μάθημα για εσάς εντελώς δωρεάν και χωρίς καμία απολύτως δέσμευση εκ μέρους σας. Στόχος είναι να ενημερωθείτε πλήρως για τα μαθήματα αγγλικών μέσω Skype πριν αποφασίσετε.